Digital Twins for Health

Digital Twins for Health Consortium

Forging a leading international network in developing and applying digital twins for better health and well-being in collaboration with all the stakeholders in the healthcare spectrum.


Digital Twins for Health (DT4H) Consortium is a network of researchers and practitioners worldwide with multi-domain expertise who share a common vision and mission centered around digital twins for health and well-being.We focus on cutting-edge research on digital twins for predictive health based on multi-scale modeling of multi-modality longitudinal data in real-world and in real-time. Our research includes but not limited to the following topics:

Data Acquisition and Integration

  • Multi-modal data acquisition
  • Data standards and labeling for digital twins
  • Data integration and curation

Multi-scale Modeling and Simulations

  • Physical, mathematical, statistical, and mechanistical modeling of digital twins for health
  • Modeling and simulations of time-series data

Responsible AI for Predictive Health

  • AI-assisted clinical decision support
  • Ethical and trustworthy AI

Smart and Connected Communities

  • Innovative research to support diversity, equality, and inclusion in the new technology distribution within the community
  • Collection and analysis of real-world real-time data from multiple heterogeneous sources to improve quality of life in existing communities